Our Vision

to launch missionaries who thrive

In partnership with sending agencies and indigenous ministries, Elan offers a three-year program that includes spiritual formation, mentoring by a French partner, and coaching during the period of cultural adaptation. Our goal is to enable foreign missionaries to thrive while creating meaningful ministries in collaboration with national partners to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual formation

for personal transformation


for cultural intelligence


for ministry capacity


for mutual encouragement

Why Elan ?

a bridge to the field

Elan comes alongside new missionaries in France, offering a personalized program that will provide structure and support during their transition to the field. Working in conjunction with sending agencies and French partners, we help missionaries establish a solid foundation for an effective and sustainable ministry in France.

Our values

the ideals that guide us

Elan is a multicultural* Christian organisation. Its mission is to encourage, equip, and empower arriving missionaries to develop a Christ-like character, cultural intelligence, and ministry capacity.

*The Board of Directors of Elan is composed of an equal number of French and non-French members. This is a requirement mandated by the statues of the association.


Between French and foreigners, men and women, elders and the emerging generation, and different denominations. This unity is characterized by deep respect, abounding love, and mutual submission.


We want to bring honor to God in all that we do, so how we accomplish something is as important as what we accomplish. This desire is based on the charge that Paul gave to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2.15 « Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved.»


Elan seeks to be known as an organization made up of people who work hard and laugh often. We never forget that it is both a privilege and a delight to serve the King of kings.


We want to benefit from the wisdom of our colleagues, to listen to the stories of those we serve, and to wash the feet of those we meet, no matter who they are.