Why Elan ?

Ever since the end of World War 2, missionaries have flocked to France. While they come with good intentions, they can struggle to adapt to the language and culture to create a ministry that is relevant to their French context. Because of these challenges, collaborations and partnerships between French and non-French ministries are not as fruitful as they could be.

Believing that God has called us to unity, and with a desire to see God’s Kingdom reflected in our churches and ministries, Elan seeks to build a bridge between French nationals and foreign missionaries. Missionaries are trained to enter the French context with humility, servanthood, and deference to their French partners, while French partners are trained as missionary mentors to welcome, equip, and collaborate with cross-cultural workers.

Elan believes that mission agencies would benefit from the help and input of French partners in the missionary adaptation process. To that end, we train French ministers in the art of mentoring, and then pair each new missionary with a French mentor to accompany them as they learn to minister in France.

Becoming an Elan mentor

Do you want to create strong and effective partnerships between French and non-French Christian workers? Are you engaged in ministry? Do you want to see missionaries thriving in France? Do you love foreigners? Do you believe that missionaries can make a valuable contribution for the Kingdom of God? Are you French? Then you are a great candidate to become an Elan mentor.

To be an Elan mentor, you must participate in the Elan Mentor training program, which consists of a three-day intensive training and bi-monthly mentoring meetings (by skype) with Lead Mentors. Mentors are trained free of charge (excluding travel costs) if they agree to mentor a missionary for at least one year. As a mentor, you will look for ways to integrate a missionary into your own ministry context, providing on the ground ministry experience for the missionary as well as feedback and encouragement. The missionary commits to serving the mentor’s ministry needs and learning from their experience, while the mentor commits to opening doors into the French culture for the missionary. As a mentor, you will share both your life and your ministry with the missionary, with the hope of helping them launch into a full and fruitful ministry in France.

Transition program for Missionaries :

The Elan program equips missionaries to thrive by encouraging spiritual growth, cultural intelligence, and ministry capacity – three qualities essential to effectiveness and sustainability.

About the missionary program

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