Our Diverse Team of Specialists

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Jenn Williamson


Jenn Williamson is a wife and mother of two adult sons. Before coming to France in 2010, she was the pastor of women’s ministries at Life Center Foursquare Church in Spokane, WA. As a missionary with Greater Europe Mission, she is involved in church planting and mentoring emerging leaders. Jenn benefitted from French mentors and coaches during her transition to the field, and recognizes that cross-cultural ministry success depends on being well integrated into the host culture. Academic research into missionary sustainability and cultural adaptation confirmed her own experience and gave her the vision to create Elan. She has a Masters in Ministry Leadership and is currently working on a DMIN in Leadership and Global Perspectives.

Alain Stamp


Alain Stamp is the president of France Evangelisation, of BLF Editions, and of Chantre. While officially retired from his role as an evangelist with France for Christ and Communications Officer for the French Evangelical Federation, he acts as an advisor for several ministries and guides the Consultative Committee of the National Council of French Evangelicals. Through his experience in leading a French ministry that works closely with foreign missionaries, Alain became aware of the challenges related to cultural integration. Thus, his interest in Elan. Alain is dedicated to empowering the next generation by mentoring emerging and developing leaders. He also has a vision for training and equipping mentors by creating mentoring communities through France Evangelisation in France as well as French-speaking Africa. He is the author of several books including Multiplying Leaders. He teaches at the Geneva Bible Institute and lives in Alsace with his wife, Martine.

Anne Meynier-Schweitzer


Since 1987 Anne Meynier-Schweitzer has been on staff with Agapé France (known as CRU in the States) where one of her primary roles is training Christians to fulfil the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20). Convinced that a deep personal relationship with God is essential to our ability to answer His call on our lives, in 2010 she helped to establish the organisation Friends on the Way, which trains and develops Spiritual Directors. She and her husband Louis also offer spiritual retreats that enable Christians to draw closer to God. Since the moment she met Christ, Anne has been inspired by Jesus’ prayer for unity and she is active in building bridges between Christians of all backgrounds. She delights in working with others who have a vision for collaboration, including Femmes 2000, the Forum of French Speaking Christians, and now with Elan.

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Annemieke van Boxtel


Annemieke van Boxtel was born in the Netherlands, became a Christian at a very young age, and was baptised when she was sixteen. She married her high school sweetheart and together God gave them four children. Each of those children have taught her much about herself and her relationship with Christ.
She is a licensed nurse, health visitor and breastfeeding counsellor in the Netherlands but hasn’t practised since moving abroad with her family in 2004. First to England. Later to France. She recently earned a certificate in grief and loss counselling. Her book- knowledge about that subject adds to her years of experience in living abroad with a young family and all the challenges that go with that, which was compounded by the loss of a child. Grief and losses in all sorts of ways are part of life and she will be able to connect and help you when you have questions or just need to talk. Annemieke is the one who welcomes missionaries to Elan and walks them through the intake process.

Douglas Livie


Doug and his wife Krista left California and arrived in France in 1999. Their first four years of ministry in France were dedicated to learning French, learning to work in French speaking churches, and building lasting relationships with French friends. While serving in the Baptist church of Ozoir-La-Ferrière as an elder and small group ministry director, Doug sensed that the Lord was opening the doors for a church plant in their town. In 2013 they, with their core team, launched a church plant in the town of Chevry-Cossigny. Doug is the field leader for the WorldVenture France team. He is part of the leadership team for the Association Baptiste in the Ile-de-France region. He also participates in the leadership team of a field leader network. The first years of ministry adaptation in France were a challenge for the Livie’s. Doug hopes that his experience and encouragement will help others make their transitions to ministry in France.

Matthieu Ducrozet


Matthieu Ducrozet is married with four children. He has worked full time with Agapé France since 2002, leading the Sport and Faith mission for 8 years. It was during these years that he discovered the power of coaching. In 2015 he became responsible for the training and development of the leaders of Agapé France and was involved in various initiatives and partnerships for training and coaching French leaders. He spent two years in the United States, earning a Master’s in Leadership and Missiology.

Jeremiah 3:15 is a key verse for his ministry, which states that those whom God calls and sends can have the heart of God, as well as know-how and discernment in their way of leading the mission that God gives them. He is passionate about accompanying Christian leaders in their ministry and every day he spent living cross culturally in the United States confirmed the importance of ELAN’s mission.