Why Elan ?

As a sending agency, you want to set your new missionaries up for success. Elan wants to help.

Working closely with sending agencies and French partners, Elan offers a three-year program that provides supplementary structure and support for missionaries who are transitioning to the field in France. Your agency will continue to direct and supervise your missionaries’ endeavours, while Elan will complement those efforts by providing spiritual formation, mentoring, and coaching during the adaptation period.

Become a member

As a member of Elan your agency will help to shape our program. We work closely with members to understand their vision and mission, to tailor our program to their missionaries’ needs, and to develop partnerships with French ministries.

Member agencies will receive a quarterly newsletter with information about our program and the association.

Agency Membership fees are 100€ annually.

Transition program for Missionaries :

The Elan program equips missionaries to thrive by encouraging spiritual growth, cultural intelligence, and ministry capacity – three qualities essential to effectiveness and sustainability.

About the missionary program

If you would like more information or if you’d like for your agency to become a member of Elan, please fill out the Agency Contact Form, and we will contact you.

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